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Oy Vey! What to do with all those Packing Peanuts

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

How to repurpose these in your garden

What to do with all those packing peanuts after the Holidays.

Packing Peanuts are great for using in planters

Did you have way too many boxes and packing materials from the holidays? Don't want to throw them out because you don't know if they are recyclable? Saving them for a day when you may need them?

Store them over the winter and they will provide you great drainage for your outdoor planting season this spring! Do you have large planters that are impossible to move? No problem, instead of filling the entire planter with potting soil (which is expensive by the way) try filling half of your pot with packing peanuts first, and then the other half with potting soil. Not only will you save $$$$ but you also have a much more lightweight planter that can be moved if needed. The bonus is that the packing peanuts provide the right amount of drainage so your plants don't get waterlogged.

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