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Stop helping storage companies make billions of dollars!

Does this image look familiar?

More and more I come across clients who have had storage spaces outside their homes for several years. I try to explain to them how important it is to "reevaluate" whether they really need to be paying these hefty costs for storage. Oftentimes the clients have paid for the contents of their unit multiple times by paying the ever-increasing storage costs. So what are they keeping in these storage units?

I am not a fan of offsite storage due to the high cost and that people often forget about the contents in their storage unit. There are certain situations that may require "short term storage": 1. If you are doing any construction/rehabbing in your home, 2. if you sold your home but don't yet have access to your new home, 3. if a relative/friend passed away and you have to remove all the contents of their home quickly, 4. if you had a fire, water damage or other disaster that requires you to remove the contents of your home, 5. Divorce.

These companies love customers who keep their storage items for many years. It's a billion dollar industry and once they get you in, they raise their costs making it even more challenging. Check out this video for some really helpful information.

If you would like to discuss how you can clear out your storage unit and stop paying those exorbitant fees contact me at

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