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Meet Danna
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Danna Paulette Brim


Organization with a Purpose!

Resourceful Organization can help you:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Saves you money

  • Creates "natural homes"
    for all your belongings

  • Streamlines your living space

  • Transforms your life for the better

  • Keeps you from repurchasing same items over and over


Don't hesitate! Don't procrastinate!

Lets get this done together!






Need to stage your home?

Expecting new family member?


Space Organization

Need more space?

Want to find things more easily?

Need organization systems? 

Want better use of space?

Would like to maximize spaces?

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Creating "Sensible" Space

Qualified to transform spaces that function properly, serve a purpose and reduce clutter in order to be able to find your possessions.

Decluttering, Donating, Repurposing.

Maintenance Packages

Some clients prefer to schedule regular appointments every two weeks or monthly to keep things tidy and in order.


Ask about custom packages!

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What Happy Clients Say...

"Full Service Organizer"

Danna was one of the best choices I've ever made! She was not judgmental even a little bit and made me feel
so comfortable. She has a
ton of energy, so she worked
fast and efficiently!

Gina Bangser
Mother & Food Blogger

"Cares about her clients"

Danna is very efficient and performs tasks diligently. She really cares about her clients welfare. She takes the time to compartmentalize the work into little tasks that are more manageable for me.

Shara Kay,

Young Professional

"Money Well Spent"

I'm so proud of what we accomplished today and one of the first things my husband said is "this looks like money well spent" which is not a phrase I hear often from him.

Katie Vienot,
Mom & Speech Therapist

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