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Danna Paulette Brim


Organization with a Purpose!

Let me help you get your space functioning the way it should. Professional Organization helps reduce stress, will save you money and gives you the assurance that you know:

  •  what items you have

  •  where they are located

  •  easy access to your belongings

This way you aren't purchasing the same items over
and over and wondering where to find them when
you need them.


Join our family of happy clients who have
"transformed" their living spaces for optimal use.
I have proven abilities to help clients streamline their living space by analyzing your space and finding solutions that are tailored for each individuals needs. 

My services are confidential and efficient. I can find space you didn't even know existed.


Don't hesitate! Don't procrastinate! Lets get this done together!




Are you moving? Need to pack for a relocation? Are you expecting anew family member in your home? Are you downsizing? Want help getting your home staged for sale?


Space Organization

Do you need to create more space in your home or business? Do you need to be able to find things more easily? Do you need a system of where
things belong? 

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Creating "Sensible" Space

Qualified to transform spaces that function properly, serve a purpose and reduce clutter in order to be able to find your possessions.

Decluttering, Donating, Repurposing.

Maintenance Packages

Some clients prefer to schedule regular appointments every two weeks or monthly to keep things tidy and in order. Ask about packages that can work for you!

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What Happy Clients Say...

"Full Service Organizer"

I was having trouble committing to hiring an organizer, because I was worried about the cost and embarrassed of my clutter.... but hiring Danna was one of the best choices I've ever made! She was not judgmental even a little bit and made me feel so comfortable. She has a ton of energy, so she worked fast and efficiently! And my main concern, the cost, was soon over. I ended up selling so many things, the service basically paid for itself! I continue to use her services, and it's truly made such a difference in the quality of my life!


Stop thinking about it and give her a try, you will not be sorry.

Gina Bangser
Mother & Food Blogger

"Wonder Woman"

Danna has worked on numerous organizational projects with me and
is a true “powerhouse”.  She takes controlof large projects is very quick She works efficiently and performs tasks diligently. She really cares about her clients welfare. She takes the time to departmentalize the work into little tasks that are more manageable for me.

Danna is not just an organizer, she is an incredibly resourceful person who has information to share on so many topics. She really cares about her clients. I consider her a friend for life.

Shara Kay,

Young Professional

"Get's the Job Done"

I originally hired Danna to assist in a multitude of projects in my local retail store.  I found her organizational skills, keen aesthetic sense, and 'take-charge' nature so valuable that I also hired her for numerous personal, home-organization projects.

Her excellent design sense matches her communication and organizational skills. These abilities allow her to develop and execute project plans efficiently—while ensuring they align with the client's vision. I have found her to be an extremely proactive project manager while tackling projects of any size, and equally adaptive to changes that inevitably occur. She constantly seeks solutions that are both creative and logical.

Ellen Sternweiler,
Owner, The Sensory Kids Store